Zvi Goldman

Zvi Goldman, Sculptor

Zvi Goldman (Trumbull, CT) was born in Israel in the 50’s to an immigrant working class family. “During my childhood I developed my sense of curiosity, independence and innovation. I constantly strive to further cultivate these traits and be a lifelong learner.” Goldman is a member of The Artists Collective of Westport in Connecticut and has exhibited at the Westport Arts Center His work was shown in private and public collections in Connecticut.

Goldman, an abstract conceptual sculptor who works primarily with wood, creates art that balances intrinsic beauty and thought-provoking meaning. His work process is highly deliberate and precise. The journey of honing down, refining and crystallizing his concepts is what he finds most exhilarating. “I conceptualize first, then draw on paper, then develop a three-dimensional model. By the time my chisel touches the wood, I already have a clear vision, and the wood provides the final source of inspiration.” Goldman’s approach to sculpting is holistic, where the sculpture has additional meaning viewed from each direction and the base is often an integrated part of the piece. All his works are original and one-of-a-kind.

Among others, Goldman has been influenced by Rodin’s flow and motion, Brancusi’s integrated design approach, Picasso’s play with reality, and Moore’s balance of substance and space. His works are expressions of life and humanity, featuring flowing and connected outlines inspired by the natural world. “I’m drawn to the organic nature, texture and warmth of wood. It is closer to us than any other type of media and material.” To Goldman, art impregnates the fabric of society with limbic creative sensing, which is innate to human nature. He explores and grapples with philosophical questions on science, human nature, relationships, and society. “With my art, I want to make people think, open themselves to new concepts, become more curious about what surrounds us, and, reflect on our being.”

“I hope you enjoy my art as much as I have enjoyed creating it.” Goldman’s work is available for exhibits, leasing or purchase. Please contact him for details if you are interested.